MME - 50 Years

Machine Moving & Engineering provides a range of specialised transport services for heavy duty machinery inside of industrial facilities, factories, engineering firms, and more. We can move your equipment cross country thanks to our offers on long distance trucking in South Africa, and across the African continent.

These services are offered off the backs of an impressive and ever-growing fleet, and a collection of highly experienced and skilled personnel. Attention to detail, extreme care, and a focus that works with our clients to meet their exact needs and challenges, have set this service apart from our competitors, as one that is widely trusted, reliable, and affordable.

Services for Long Distance Trucking in South Africa

Our services provide quantifiable value to our clients thanks to our extensive, growing, modern fleet of specialised trucks and vehicles, as well as a collection of dedicated and highly skilled individuals. Depending on the transportation needs of our clients, we offer a range of specialised vehicles that are ideal for any machine transportation project:

Crane Trucks

We have a versatile fleet of crane trucks, fitted with cranes ranging from capacities of 12 to 165 ton/metre. Operators and crews are all certificated and trained to a high degree of competence.

Long Distance Vehicles

Our vehicles, with trailers to suit all requirements, run regularly between our branches in the major cities.

By attending to all your needs for loading, securing, and offloading, Machine Moving & Engineering are well placed to ensure that your equipment is handled professionally with the utmost care, limiting the risk of damage.

Abnormal Loads

Moving abnormally large and heavy items needs not be an outsize problem. We have the resources and experience to move abnormal loads, including route surveys and the provision of permits and escorts.

Stainless steel tanks for the wine and spirits industry are often abnormally large and require careful handling to prevent denting during transportation. We do the upliftment from the manufacturers, transport, offloading, positioning, and piping up for the liquor industry.

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

We are members of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, an American-based organization, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety when handling abnormally heavy or large items.

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If you would like to know more about our offers for specialised transport and long distance trucking in South Africa, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Machine Moving & Engineering today, or continue browsing our website for further details on our complete range of offers.