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Johannesburg & Durban

Rigging Specialists In South Africa

Our Rigging Equipment services allow for a fast and efficient machine moving process. On top of this, we use state of the art lifting gear technology as well as hydraulic lifts in order to ensure a professional and reliable service.

Our countrywide service is backed by our 40 plus years of experience in moving heavy machinery as well as installing the machinery once it has been transported to its destination.

We will relocate entire plants through our Rigging Equipment services as well as more specific machinery to your desired location. Moreover, we will install your machinery so that it is in proper working order.

Contact us today for more information. Alternatively you can browse through our website to find exactly what you are looking for.

We take full responsibility for all landing and unpacking. Our team of highly trained and experienced rigging and lifting gear staff are guaranteed to offer you full commitment and value.

Whether it be light machinery or heavy duty machines we will rig, transport, unpack and install it to your exact specifications.

Superior handling services could be in your possession right now. Set yourself up for success with efficiency and total Rigging Equipment services.


  • Forklifts with load capacities from 2,5 Tons to 60 Tons
  • 200 and 450 Ton telescopic hydraulic boom gantries
  • 65 Ton boom truck
  • Jacking systems from 100 ton to 600 ton combinations
  • Crane mats and stools
  • Crane trucks with cranes ranging from 12 t/m to 80 t/m
  • Truck tractors
  • Low Bed trailers
  • Interlink and Semi trailers
  • Manghi 5-ton and 16-ton carry crane
All Rigging equipment is certified to industry standards


Our specialized fleet of air suspension vehicles is used for moving delicate computerized equipment. These vehicles are fitted with Hydraulic tailgates and have padded interiors for optimum protection.